Closing time

LiveHerring II (2006) has officially closed. Thanks for everyone visiting our exhibition. Special Herring-hurray for all our friends who helped to organize this special event and see you again next year!

Closing time

Lasse ending the session

Greatest hits - all gone

Last t-shirts from "The greatest hits!" are now all gone, but the exhibition continues. SPAM of the day: "Extracullicular communist". And yes, that guest did get a t-shirt... :-)
(Photo: Mikael Korpela)

Busy sunday :-)

The record-exhibition next door attracts lots of visitors to our exhibition as well, so sunday seems to become a much busier day than yesterday.
(Photos: Mikael Korpela)

Flounder is one of those works that people really seem to like.

Guests in exhibition

Outi continues building the "Trafficville".

My-village shown in the window of the Jyväskylä Art Museum.

Dude, where is my internet-connection?

"Page not found"?

Sunday starts with yet another surprise: a dysfunctioning wlan-connection. So we are stuck with a web-art-exhibition with no internet-connection. Well... restart, restart and yet another restart and here we go again...
(Photos: Mikael Korpela)

Found guilty!


Drawings from the workshop

Workshop artist Outi Kotala shows light to the wall of drawings. :-)
(Photos: Mikael Korpela)

My-village 1

My-village 2

My-village 3

Be your own boss

Inspired by the screening?
(Photo: Mikael Korpela)